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What we offer

Making payments easy for your business.

The simplest integration and your PSP hassles are solved. Get access to a powerful set of payment options including credit cards, wires and an easy to use admin panel to manage your payments moving forward.


Better your approval rates, decrease chargebacks and increase your ROI with our specialised payments for online gaming providers 

Online Trading

We know online trading and have custom solutions built for all your global operations


Built for easy integration with all the popular eCommerce engines for plug and play setup.

Make your payments better. More Secure.



Easy to use payment's dashboard.

Manage your company’s payments and analytics from one easy to use dashboard.

All in one

all in one

Everything you need

One simple integration and you’re ready to accept, process and manage payments globally.



Built for eCommerce

We support all major eCommerce platforms with easy to integrate plug-and-play plugins that will allow you to accept payments from clients instantly.

Direct API

Direct API

plug and play

Paymentcy is built to easily integrate into your existing software or website with our Direct API and plugins. 

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The company

With over 10 years of experience in payments for higher risk industries, we know your business better than anyone else.